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Dog Training in Saltaire

Online Dog Training


Can you still attend classes and get 1-1 help with training and behaviour issues in this age of self-isolation and social distancing due to coronavirus?

The answer is definitely YES!

When we’re all having to adapt to a very different, much less social way of living our daily lives, one of the things that definitely helps to lighten the load and brighten our days is our dogs.  They make us laugh, love us unconditionally and are always pleased to see us, are constant companions and ……… well, you add to the list, we all know how important our canine companions are to us.

Understanding and teaching our dogs is vital in developing happy, sociable, responsive, well-behaved family pets but as life is at the moment, getting help with this in the usual way – classes, 1-1 training and help with behaviour problems – isn’t possible at the moment in the usual face-to-face way of accessing the skills and expertise of a qualified, experienced trainer.

But there’s a really good alternative way of getting the help that you need and that’s online.

I’m offering group classes, 1-1 training and also behaviour consults online, using very simple video chat software, which is very easy to access and use,  so I can see you and your dog in your own environment and teach, discuss, answer questions and give feedback whilst everyone stays safe.

Obviously with the 1-1 training and behaviour sessions, it’s just you and me and your dog, but in the group classes, you can see and talk to the other participants and still have the feel of being in a group and learning together and supporting each other whilst remaining safe.

There are several advantages of learning this way both for you and your dog. It’s actually much easier for your dog to learn without the distraction of the other dogs in a class situation and you’re starting your training in a familiar environment, which is always a good thing and the easiest way for dogs to learn.

For 1-1 training and behaviour sessions, especially with dogs that are worried, nervous, reactive, over-stimulated etc, not having a stranger – me! – in the house means that I can do my assessment of your dog when they’re in their normal emotional state.  Then we can use video when necessary – just something taken on your phone is great – to allow me to see problem behaviour such as reactivity to dogs, jumping up, separation-related issues, pulling on lead and just about anything that you need to work on with your dog.

If you have a new puppy and want to know about socialisation, house-training, play-biting, feeding etc, then all the things that I would cover on my puppy classes will be included in the online sessions, along with really useful information on how to successfully socialise your puppy when you can’t let them meet other people and dogs and how to keep your dogs mentally stimulated if they can’t be walked as much as usual.

A definite bonus of online training with pups is that you can start with them right from the day they arrive in your home, or even before if you’re a first-time dog owner and  want to be really well-prepared, with advice and techniques designed to get you off on the right track straight away.

Almost anything that you want to learn about and teach your dog can be successfully covered online, and of course you’ll still have the usual telephone and email support that I provide in between sessions to help you be successful.

And another big advantage of working online of course is that you don’t have to travel and neither do I, so you can access classes or 1-1 training from anywhere.

If you’d like more information about how online training can work for you and your dog, please call me on 01274 675697 and we can have a chat about what’s involved, what you need and how I can help.

Keep safe and I look forward to meeting and working with you and your dog online.

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