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Dog Training and Behaviour in West Yorkshire

How Can I Help?

For over 30 years I’ve been running group training classes and offering home visits for 1-1 training and behaviour modification.

When coronavirus hit and we had to all adapt to a very different way of life I continued to offer all my usual services but working with clients online, via Zoom, with video chat software, which is very easy to access and use.   This meant I could see you and your dog in your own environment and teach, discuss, answer questions and give feedback whilst everyone stayed safe.

Online working was so effective that when we returned to a more normal way of life I happily returned to in-person home visits and classes but also continued to offer the online sessions, as there are several advantages to this way of learning, both for owners and dogs.

  • Obviously with the 1-1 training and behaviour sessions, it’s just you and me and your dog, but in the group classes, you can see and talk to the other participants and still have the feel of being in a group and learning together and supporting each other whilst remaining safe. Online classes are also great for anyone who is working with a reactive dog, where group training would be too stressful, but who wants to also learn more about training and have fun doing so in a group setting.
  • Almost anything that you want to learn about and teach your dog can be successfully covered online, and of course you’ll still have the usual telephone and email support that I provide in between sessions to help you be successful.
  • And another big advantage of working online of course is that you don’t have to travel and neither do I, so you can access classes or 1-1 training from anywhere.
  • Because there’s no travelling or hall rental costs involved for online classes or 1-1 training, fees for online work are less than those for in-person classes or training.

So what exactly am I offering now?

  • Online sessions for 1-1 training and also behaviour modification
  • Home visits for 1-1 training and behaviour modification for anyone living within a 20-minute drive from my home base in Bradford.
  • Group classes delivered in a combination of in-person sessions in Saltaire Methodist Church Hall and online sessions, all on Saturday morning, for anyone who has had  hours of 1-1 training with me.
  • Any combination of online and in-person 1-1 training and behaviour modification. This means that if you’re having more than one session you can have some online and some in-person, or all online or all in-person, whichever suits you and is best for your dog.


If you’d like more information about any aspect of online or in-person  and how both can  work for you and your dog depending on your needs, please either email, use the contact form or call me on 01274 675697 and we can have a chat about what’s involved, what you need and how I can help.

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